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Slpash Guy Recruitment

Sourcing: do you know the RPO sourcing service?

Here’s a summary of what you offer:

  1. Direct Delegation: Your talent sourcing consultants are directly delegated to clients’ companies. They handle the time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process and utilize tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, Boolean operators, and Seekout for efficient talent hunting.

  2. Digital Sourcing Strategy: Your strategy is focused on digital sourcing, leveraging the power of digital platforms and techniques like Boolean search to target qualified profiles effectively.

  3. Built Talent Pool: Your experience in talent sourcing has allowed you to build a substantial talent pool, which you can tap into and provide to clients.

  4. Flexible Service: The service is flexible and can start and stop according to clients’ needs and preferences.

  5. Expertise and Competitive Rates: Clients benefit from your expertise in sourcing top talent, and you offer attractive rates without long-term commitments.

Overall, your RPO sourcing service combines digital efficiency, expert talent hunting, and flexibility, making it a valuable resource for companies looking to streamline their recruitment processes and access quality candidates.

At Splash Guy Recruitment, we offer recruitment services in a flexible manner, combining elements of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) with traditional methods. Here’s how our approach works:

1. Direct Delegation:Our recruitment consultants are directly delegated to work with you. This ensures a personalized and dedicated approach to finding the right candidates for your company.

2. Hybrid Evaluation Process:We utilize a hybrid process that blends traditional and modern techniques. This includes conducting digital or physical meetings with candidates, as well as administering technical and personality evaluation tests. This comprehensive approach helps us assess candidates according to your specific criteria and identify the perfect fit for your organization.

3. Tailored Service:Our service is designed to be flexible and customizable. It starts and stops based on your needs and preferences, allowing you to control the recruitment process according to your timeline and requirements.

4. Expertise and Competitive Rates:With Splash Guy Recruitment, you gain access to our expertise in sourcing and evaluating top talent. We offer competitive rates and a commitment-free offer, ensuring that you receive quality recruitment services without long-term commitments.

In essence, we combine the best of both worlds – the efficiency of modern recruitment methods and the personalized touch of traditional approaches – to deliver exceptional results for your hiring needs.


« Become the Ideal Candidate » is an 8-hour career coaching workshop designed to revitalize your career and help you reach your full potential.

In this small group session with a maximum of 5 participants, we offer a pragmatic approach that has consistently delivered results. By the end of the workshop, you will:

1. Conduct a comprehensive review of your skills.
2. Identify your motivations and interests in the workplace.
3. Create a modern and effective CV.
4. Participate in a job interview simulation to hone your interview skills.
5. Develop an impactful LinkedIn profile to enhance your online presence.

We understand that unlocking your evolving potential is a challenge, and becoming the ideal candidate is a continuous journey. Coach KEBE is here to provide guidance, support, and actionable strategies to help you succeed in your career.

Join us and take the next step towards becoming the ideal candidate you aspire to be.